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Demonetisation effecting ? Wallet Companies and Government's UPI to the rescue

The day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the demonetisation of the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes, the newspapers had full page ads - including several before the first page of news - of the different mobile wallet companies.

Well thats also quite logical to happen, since Wallet Companies provides solution to the sudden cash crunch. Most of the the mobile wallets have been around for years so we now know its trustworthy.

Below is a quick summary on private mobile wallets and Governments UPI (Unified Payment Interface)

UPI : Unified Payment Interface is an initiative by National Payments Corporation of India’s (NPCI), set up with the support of the Reserve Bank of India and Indian Banks Association (IBA).

The way UPI works is a lot like using a mobile wallet - you create a virtual identity (which could be something like yourname@icici) using one of the many UPI apps, and link it to a working bank account.

Most banks have also enabled UPI functionality in their apps, so you could use the app you normally operate your account from and create a UPI id there. When you need to pay someone, just open the app, choose send money, and type in their virtual identity, and then the amount. you can also choose to collect funds on your virtual identity, where you can send a payment request to someone using only their virtual identity - the money is only transferred once the person paying accepts the request.

Mobile wallets : Companies such as Paytm have been in market for a few years now. This first-mover advantage helps consumer buy flight tickets, pay for Uber ride, or even shop via Flipkart or any other e-portals. Even a few domestic vendors and milk booths have subscribed to Paytm, which comes in handy for a lot of people right now. However, unlike UPI, these mobile wallets act as a middle ground between the bank and vendors like Uber.

So, you’ll have to keep refilling its coffer, via debit card or net banking, which isn’t always the safest way to go about. Also, your transactions are limited to Rs 10,000, and for anything beyond that, know your customer (KYC) documents are to be verified. 
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Retrive any vehicles details from registration number

In India, the Regional Transport Authority (RTO) is an organisation of the Indian government responsible for maintaining the database of vehicles and drivers within various states of India.

With the RTO offices getting digitalised, various general information is now available on the network and can be accessed by any RTO official.

The RTO is now making this database available for common people. As of date one can send a simple text message and get the required information in a matter of minutes.

An alternative and easiest way is to use the official RTO app, which lets anyone instantly search a car’s details from their registration number.

The latest version of the app is called "Car Info Vehicle Registration” and it’s available on both Android play store and iOS app store. The app interface is quite straightforward, on the main page, one gets a single text box where you can type the vehicle registration number and in some time you can see the official data such as

- Owner's Name
- Registration Date
- Registration City
- Type
- Model
- Engine Number
- Chasis Number
- City and State
- Age

So now, You no more need to go to Regional Transport Office (RTO) to get these details for a car, bike, truck, taxi, scooter or any other Indian Vehicle, all you need is this free app on your mobile. A recently added feature also lets you know trending searches results to see that general people are searching.

So go ahead and download it. If you ever want to look up information about some vehicle parked outside your house for days, well now you have an easy way to do that. Below are the links of the "Car Info Vehicle Registration” app on Google Play Store and iOS store .
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Google Home vs Amazon Echo

Google Home, a product that was released by Google is seen as a direct response to the Amazon Echo, a smart speaker that can respond to users’ questions and commands. This is a new category that Google is venturing in to. With Google Home, the search engine giant is targeting the reign of Amazon Echo, which has been around for the past year.

Amazon Echo has been around since 2014, and since then Amazon has captured a significant amount of consumer attention around virtual assistant devices. Now by also integrating with your phone Google Home can tell you about your morning commute and give you alternate routes.

Home can give you a daily briefing complete with highlights from your calendar.

Home can also search Google, so if you want to play a song but can't remember the name, Home can help. And, yes, it still has a contextual awareness.

The Indian angle. 

Amazon sells Echo at Rs 19,000 in the Indian market and Google has to come up with a pricing that overshadows the Amazon Echo. If Google manages to price the Google Home under Rs 15,000, we believe it would start a new trend of Wi-Fi enabled smart speakers in the country that can do a lot more than playing music wirelessly.

Overall we feel Google Home has an edge Amazon Echo for the following top reasons.
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Xiaomi mobiles now available at Max discount ever

This is mind blowing, Xiaomi India is offering highest discounts and offers on all the Mi smartphones and accessories over different eCommerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Paytm and Tata Cliq during the sale period on these sites.

Xiaomi will be offering coolest discounts during Snapdeal’s Unbox Diwali Sale between October 1 to October 6. This would one place to check out to get the best deal. Xiaomi on Snapdeal.

Amazon's Great Indian Shopping Festival will open on October 1 till October 5. Xiaomi is offering special discounts and offers on devices like the Redmi Note 3, Mi Max, Mi 10,000mAh Power Bank and Mi 20,000 mAh Power Bank. So check out Xiaomi on Amazon

Flipkart will start its annual Big Billion Days Sale from Oct 2 till October 6. Xiaomi will offer the Mi 4, Redmi Note 3, Mi 5, Mi Max, Redmi 3S and Redmi 3S Prime on discount on October 3. Check out Xiaomi on Flipkart

Flipkart Big Billion Days, Amazon Great Indian Sale, Snapdeal Unbox Diwali sale are bringing some of the best of best deals online for Indian consumer. So if you are wanting to buy the latest Xiaomi mobile, but it now, the right time.

In case you are looking for other products online, try using the oneclickcompare product search tool, which lets you search the same product at multiple sites a click of your mouse.

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Amazon India launches the best of best deals

Amazon India is going all out to push its newly launched subscription service Prime to fuel sales in
India. The Seattle-based e-commerce major closes in on the leadership position of the Indian online retail market by bringing in some of the best discounts and deals possible.

In India, as consumer spending sentiments are usually stronger during this time of the year. Industry estimates suggest that Amazon is spending at least Rs 150 crore on various marketing initiatives to lure consumers on its offers.

All other the e-commerce sites have also started their unique advertisements campaigns to attract the customers. This time the competition is real tough but its consumer who would gets all the benefit and deals.

Do check out what Amazon has in stored as of date..- Its worth having a look :-)

Some recent Amazon Advertisements Campaigns.

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Walmart could invests in Flipkart to compete Amazon

The cut-throat competition and depleting profitability is putting pressure on all major e-commerce players in India. With Amazon India slowly taking a lead over the Indian players, all these unicorns including Flipkart and Snapdeal are out in the market to raise fresh funds.

As per grapevines the U.S. retailer Walmart is looking to invest between $750 million to $1 billion in Flipkart. For Flipkart, which is currently valued around $11.5 billion, this would be a good support. If the two sides agree to join forces,

Wal-Mart could gain a better foothold in Asia’s third-largest economy. Having entered India seven years ago, Wal-Mart currently operates 21 wholesales stores in India, none of which are allowed to sell directly to consumers. Wal-Mart has 500 plus stores in China.

Wal-Mart agreed in June to take a 5 percent stake in China’s JD.com, giving the U.S. firm a ringside seat in JD.com’s bitter rivalry with Chinese e-commerce leader Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. 
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New features on WhatsApp's latest release

The latest version release of WhatsApp has some real good features to offer. Here i have listed five of them.

1. WhatsApp for Android beta too is getting some additional features in its latest update. These includes stickers and ability to write on images like on Snapchat and Instagram.

2. You may soon have your text messages read out on WhatsApp . The Facebook-owned company appears to be testing the feature on iOS devices called 'Speak'. The 'Speak' option, which reads out
the text in the message aloud, appears with other options like Reply, Forward, Copy, Delete and Message

3. Recently, WhatsApp updated its privacy policy. As per the new policy, WhatsApp will start sharing users' phone numbers with its parent, allowing for, what the company claims, more relevant advertisements and friend recommendations on the social network.

The move is WhatsApp's first update to its privacy policy since it was acquired by Facebook in 2014.

4. There has been some enhancements to the app's camera flash as well, whenever a user takes a photo using the camera from within the WhatsApp app, he will see additional editing tools that will allow him to draw or scribble on top of the picture in different colours by selecting the pencil and 'T' icon.

5. WhatsApp also released the voicemail feature for its  iOS and Android users. The feature allows to send a voicemail to a WhatsApp contact if he/she fails to take the WhatsApp call for any reason. Once enabled, the feature will allow people to leaves voice messages.

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Facebook funds an Indian mobile app startup

Raveendran Byju, founder of 'Byju' - an education mobile app was in for a big surprise when he heard about funding from facebook to his startup. Byju currently offers highly adaptive, engaging and effective learning programs for students between classes 6 to 12 along with competitive exams like JEE, IAS, NEET, CAT, GRE and GMAT.

On September 8, Mark Zuckerberg announced that his new Chan Zuckerberg Initiative would be investing $50 million in Byju. Byju claims that since its launch in 2015, students are 'addicted' to learning through the app.

This seems to be a moment to rejoices, after all, here is a Malayalam-medium schoolboy from a village called Azhikode, Kerela making his way into the big leagues.

With the funding coming in Byju now plans to take his app international and launch it in more English-speaking countries like the United States and The United Kingdom. 
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